Hello. I'm Christopher Coverdale.

I'm a Blockchain Developer, Entrepreneur and Founder of Pale Fire Technologies LTD. I'm interested in all things tech. Feel free to scroll down and have a look at my professional and personal projects or... Why not get in touch?

Latest Work

Have a look at what I'm working on right now.

Python Bitcoin Tools and Wallet

A project to build a Bitcoin tools library and then eventually a Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet is interacting with the Bitcoin Network at the protocol level.

Bitcoin Python

Ethereum Raffle Project - Open Source Project

Open source project to create a raffle smart contract on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum Solidity Truffle Javascript

London Blockchain Week Hackathon Entry 2018

London Blockchain Week 2018 Entry. Transparent Supply Chain solution using Solidity and testrpc to simulate deployment the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum Solidity Truffle Javascript

Winner of the Holochain Bristol Hackathon 2017

The winning project of the Holochain Hackathon Bristol 2017. A decentralized voting application using the Holochain.

Holochain Javascript

Crypto Price

A mobile app that displays the price of Crypto Currencies from different exchanges

Android iOS

TMF Digital Maturity Model

The digital revolution – described by many as ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ – creates significant opportunities and threats for communications service providers. Impacting every industry, service providers can embrace significant growth opportunities by looking beyond connectivity. This Web App solution is currently being used by FTSE 100 companies and Multi National Corporations.

Angular2 HTML CSS Javascript

TMF Smart Cities

Developed by TM Forum in collaboration with: City Protocol Society, HyperCat, Open & Agile Smart Cities, Shanghai Academy, Smart Cities Council, and the World e-Governments Organisation, to enable Peer-to-Peer Smart City Benchmarking and Strategy Development.

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Java Android

Interval Timer - HIIT / Boxing Rounds

A timer for any exercise that requires timing workout and rest round. Great for HIIT interval training, cycling, running, boxing, stretching and MMA. This interval timer is easy to use and user friendly. This timer will allow you to create Custom Rounds - so each round can be a different length of time!

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Java Android

Hikers Watch

Hikers Watch allows hikers to retrieve hiking information on their current location.

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Java Android

Sound Radio - Momentum

Momentum Radio is the first Electronic Music online radio platform tying together and the electronic music underfabric of Hong Kong in one platform with live radio broadcasting from multiple locations, live video and live audio streams from the studio, venues and underground events.

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Java Android